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We blast to the coast to sample award-winning architecture and the finest bacon sarnies in the land… Naturally, with a dozen supercars for company.

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Pistonheads, Sporting Tour -

“Sorry, something’s come up - someone else will have to take my place.”

Just like that, my co-driver pulled out - and Thunderwood’s entry into Pistonhead’s inaugural Sporting Tour was thrown into jeopardy, right on the eve of the event.

However, I had one last hope. An outsider.

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Drift Matsuri, Drifting, MR2, Nispro, Nissan, S14, Toyota -

A last-minute breakdown sees Max drive a modified Toyota MR2, of all things, at Drift Matsuri - and everything he thought he knew about drifting is turned on its head.

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Feature, Honda, Kanjo, Mimms -

For Kev, making the pilgrimage to the Mimms Christmas Special was a no-brainer. I had neither a Honda, nor a vape - so I was yet to be convinced. But I did have a camera, spare time, and an ass with which to sit on the passenger seat, so I couldn’t really say no…

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AE86, Build, Feature, Sprinter Trueno, Toyota -

With the yen being particularly weak against the sterling at the time, buying an appreciating AE86 Trueno in Japan and bringing it to the UK made Total And Utter Sense. What could possibly go wrong? 

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