About us

Following our previous successes in sprint racing and karting, the UK Time Attack Championship was the natural next step in our motorsport journey as it lets us simultaneously embrace our passions for motorsport and the tuning industry.

Our current motorsport programme centres around our Vauxhall 'Disastra' VXR, built with the help of our friends at Giz-Motorsport and GizFab.

It's driven by Alexey Wood, previously a member of the UK Time Attack Championship's commentary team, in the championship’s Clubman class, which focuses on road cars in a mild state of tune with trackday-style modifications.

With its roots in the mountain roads, or touges, of Japan, contemporary Time Attack is the ultimate embodiment of competitive car-building, with tuning workshops and privateers across the country pitting their creations against each other and the stopwatch.

Cars are sub-divided into classes based on the extent of their modifications and compete for the fastest laptimes across the nation’s race circuits, with the fight running throughout the duration of the year. While there are similar one-off events held across the globe, the UK Time Attack series is unique in that it is competed over the course of a season and multiple venues.